Can I visit?

Absolutely. Use the Take a Tour button above to book your tour or just turn up if passing and we'll do our best to show you round. Tours can take from five minutes to 30 minutes depending on how curious you are and how much time you have! You'll get a chance to see how things work at The Stable and if it's somewhere you'd like to try working out of, whether as a freelancer or part of a small business or team. 

Can I try it out?

Yes! Book yourself in for a tour or get in touch to arrange a day to come to hotdesk (or again, just turn up with your laptop and charge cables if you're not that organised or never know when you might be in the neighbourhood. Your first day's hotdesking will always be free. At the end of your free day, we'll catch up again to see if you'd like to join as a member on one of our monthlymembership packages (30 or 60 hours per month or full-time access).  

Can anyone hotdesk?

Yes (almost). If you work at a laptop, you're very welcome to come in to try hotdesking at The Stable. There's a 'clear desk' approach so as long as you can arrive with everything you need, use it at the desk you sit at and then leave again taking everything with you, you're welcome to come in for your tour, free one-day trial or to hotdesk whenever you like.

Meeting rooms in Weston?  

If you're looking for a meeting room in Weston, you don't have to be a member to hire a meeting room at The Stable. You will need to sign in to the website to get a log in though, to be able to complete your booking. Come to view the rooms at any time to see if they're what you're after or we can send additional pictures if you can't decide from the site if it's what you're after. Members can hire any of our rentable rooms with discounts ranging from 30-50%. The meeting rooms that are available for non-members to hire will appear on our website along with their prices, facilities and availability. Rooms are charged by the hour, half day or full day and the cost will automatically adjust itself so you pay the right rate. Room availability calendars are viewable online (once you have a log in to the website) and room hire can be booked and paid for online instantly to secure that room. Room hire costs for members will get added to their account and will be payable at the end of each month. 

Am I tied in to a contract? 

If you hotdesk with a time-specific day pass, your pass is simply for that calendar day, there is no further commitment. For memberships, The Stable operates very flexible terms as our goal is to encourage people and businesses in with easy-in, easy-out terms. If opting for a membership, you'll pay monthly in advance at the beginning of the month. This will be set up using Direct Debit-styled software called GoCardless. If and when you wish to end this agreement, just let us know at least a week before your next payment comes out so that we have time to cancel the upcoming GoCardless payment. Members will agree to our Terms and Conditions and will sign a Membership Agreement prior to joining The Stable which will outline this in more detail. 

Do you have a cafe?  

The Stable has its own fresh bean-to-cup coffee machine and tea for members and hotdeskers but it does not have its own cafe. It also has a microwave, fridge and dishwasher in the canteen area. There are several great eateries nearby. The Heritage cafe is literally on the doorstep - it's in the same building as us at 3-6 Wadham Street. Loves Cafe is about 50m away on West Street. Grove Park has its own cafe with lots of al fresco seating. Boulevard and the High St offer many options too and fish and chips on the beach are never far away in Weston. 

Do you have coffee?

Coffee, now that's different, yes we have coffee and tea-shaped caffiene hits. Members get free tea and fresh-ground coffee all day and if you're hiring a meeting room, you can also add a round of hot drinks to your booking as an optional extra. 

Can we eat at The Stable?  

We've got a brilliant lounge-kitchen area (where the bean-to-cup coffee machine is) in which members and day passers can relax, socialise and enjoy breakfast, lunch or snacks. It has seating, tables, a microwave, coffee and tea, an honesty snack shop, all the cakes you're going to make and bring in for each other*, a toaster, a dishwasher, fridges and spaces for members' food to go. Did I mention the dishwasher? Don't forget to load and empty the dishwasher :o) * one can but hope...