The Team

Who works at The Stable?

General Manager

This position is vacant from end December 2018. Find info on Reed and apply direct with a concise CV and a one-page cover letter which answers the three questions in the job ad. For now, I'm still here...

I'm Kerry O'Neill, manager of The Stable - pictured juggling some things which I thought pretty apt given what's happening here behind the scenes! Really thrilled to be managing this awesome, colourful, light, spacious and airy building and can't wait to welcome more coworking members, day visitors and office tenants in. Whether you're a freelancer, you want to meet your business clients in a building other than your house or you're a small business seeking to work in a shared space - with easy access to meeting rooms, 'phone booths' and 100mbps wifi - this is the place for you. 

I've got a varied background. I've have worked in hospitality, marketing, communications and event management; in schools, hotels, offices and chalets; and on farms, boats and bikes. 

For anything to do with working from The Stable as a one-woman or one-man band to a full-on business team, to hiring our spaces or running your own courses, workshops, sessions or events here, just pop in, drop me an email or call on 01934 315 305. 

Hub Co-ordinator

Sam joined The Stable team in November 2017 as our '2IC', or second in command as it were. Sam has quickly developed from overseeing reception, front of house and meeting rooms to being our Hub Coordinator, looking after in-house hub logistics to keep things running smoothly. Sam's got a sound admin background courtesy of a degree-level apprenticeship in Business Administration alongside a huge pile of experience in other useful things like marketing and events. She's also a real people person and looking forward to meeting more hotdeskers, event attendees and members as the months go on.