Mentor and Volunteer

The Stable is a Community Interest Company, essentially for the people, run by the people, so we are always on the look out for people and skills to support what we are trying to do. There's a few ways to get involved and volunteering has so many great benefits...

Mentors and Coaches

Can you volunteer your skills, resources and network to support our members and tenants to set up their digi, tech enterprises and initiatives?

Could you run a free workshop, provide some one to one support, help them to write a business plan, understand book keeping, or just be on the end of a phone or email if they get stuck and really need someone to ask?

Could you be someone’s inspiration? Someone they could turn to when they doubt their ideas, and want to run it past someone?

Then we would love to hear from you!

Other ways to Volunteer

We also regularly need volunteers for events and day to day stuff, as well as to train as Stable Geeks (Techy Community Outreach Workers)

A list of our current volunteering opportunities are below - Click on the links to find out more

Customer Service / Events Volunteers
Odd Job Volunteers (Not like in the Bond Movies) 
Stable Geeks (Techy Community Outreach Workers)

Want to get involved

  1. Come to one of our monthly meet-ups 
  2. Email us
  3. Pop in for a coffee
  4. Come to a Volunteering Open Day