Chippy Tuesdays

We think that this does what it says on the tin. It's Tuesday, we're going to a chippy for lunch. Or for afterwork chips. We can talk amongst ourselves.  

Spring and summer socials: with chips

Every Chippy Tuesday, from 1pm until 2pm (unless those coming all agree on a different time), staff and members of The Stable will down e-tools and head out to a local chippy for chips and potentially fish and other battered and non-battered delights.

There are loads of good chippies to choose from in Weston, and our local happens to be one of my favouries, Papa's. What's not to love. Although thinking about that, halloumi fries are also available from Loves just down the road there. Hey we can mix it up. Beach, park, promenade, Madeira Cover, Knightstone Island, let's go nuts, enjoy them in a different location every week.

Who can come?

This event is for members, day pass users and those on their free hot-desking trial that day. 

Choose Chippy Tuesdays

Come in to hot-desk at The Stable on a Tuesday and get a social spring-summer outing and some chips in while you're at it. Memberships can be discussed too while we're at it (note, memberships don't currently include chips!). 

The best thing about Chippy Tuesdays? It can be a solo or a team event. The chip that keeps giving. See you soon.