Cake + Chat Social

Every first and third Wednesday of the month, we run an open-house Cake/ Chat/ Tour/ Meet Up for anyone interested in The Stable, or considering working here. 

This is a chance to visit The Stable and to meet other people working here (or thinking about working here) and more importantly to enjoy The Weekly Cake! There will be coffee, chat and informal guest speakers as we progress and The Stable's community grows. Feel totally free to just turn up at 3.30pm or if you know in advance that you're coming - especially if you have a healthy cake-devouring appetite - let us know so we can be forewarned!

If there are any special speakers arriving or events happening on one of the Wednesdays we'll let you know (or if you want to be that person or suggest that event, you let us know!). Else just come prepared for caffeine, calories and chat.