Are you stuck for a Christmas gift idea for a freelance friend, someone you know who works from home, or someone whom you think might benefit from working in company in Weston's coworking space? Or, are you considering coming to work from The Stable but haven't quite done it yet? The Stable's 12 Deals of Christmas are just what you need, either for yourself or to give as a gift.

The 12 Deals of Christmas

We'd love more of you to join our coworking hub in Weston, whether as visitors, on a longer trial, or as a coworking member or private office tenant. To entice you in, we've created these offers and gift vouchers - or 'time vouchers' if you like, called: The 12 Deals of Christmas. Introduced in brief below, follow each deal's link for more information.

  1. Double Happy Days: Two days in our hotdesking loft.
  2. Half-Price Half Days: Block of ten half-price Half Day Passes.
  3. Free Fortnight: Book two weeks, get two weeks free.
  4. Double Whammy Week: One week’s full-time hotdesking for two.
  5. Season's Meetings: Half-price room booking voucher.
  6. Free month: One free month with a six-month membership.
  7. TWO free months: Two free months with an annual membership.
  8. Phone a Friend: Join The Stable, get a free month for a friend.
  9. Deskie Bestie: One day’s hotdesking for two people.
  10. Run a class? Get a room! Bright studio available in 90-minute slots.
  11. A Dozen Day Passes: Grab a dozen discounted Day Passes.
  12. A Week in the Warm: A warming and welcoming full-time week.

Give a deal or 'Time Voucher' as a gift

Feel free to grab one or more of these deals for yourself. Better still, want to give one as a gift to someone? Great. You can contact us to arrange the deal and then just let them know to redeem it here at the hub. Or, if you'd like a graphic emailed to you, to print off and put in their card for example, just get in touch with The Stable. We will then send you a graphic for the deal in question. As outlined below, the graphic will represent 'the promise of the gift' rather than the gift itself, i.e. the voucher itself will have no monetary value. 

Terms and Conditions

To redeem the gift or to get the deal, the purchaser must contact The Stable, give their name as the purchaser, pay for the deal in advance where relevant, and provide the name of the recipient if different from their own. Then the recipient can just turn up to use it. Please find these offers' full Terms and Conditions (general and deal-specific) on their own Ts and Cs Page, and see above in terms of giving these offers or deals as a gift. 


There are a lot of brilliant deals here. If you have questions about any, or want to come in to discuss which might be the best deal for yourself or a friend, we'd love to chat. Call 01934 315 305, email The Stable or turn up in person, like in the old days, and we'll show you around. Happy dealing! 






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