Deal 8: Phone a friend

The Stable has launched its ‘12 Deals of Christmas’ deals and ‘time vouchers’, all valid for use at Weston’s Creative Hub and Coworking Space until end February 2019 (unless stated, read Ts and Cs). If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift idea for a freelance friend, or just need a break from working from home or a drab office, grab one of our 12 offers. Overview the dozen on the 12 Deals Homepage, or learn more about Deal 8: Phone a friend.

What’s this deal?

Buy a three-month membership at The Stable from now until then end of January 2019 and we’ll give the friend of your choice a free calendar month to keep you company – and to encourage them to join you longer term! The hours for their month will be the same monthly hours as your contract (ie 30, or 30, or unlimited) and they’ll need to take their full free month during your initial three-month period. We’re hoping you’ll both want to stay following this extended trial and, if you do, will pop you onto the usual monthly rolling contract like our other coworkers.

Our standard memberships start at just £59+VAT for 30 flexible hours per month and go up to £149+VAT per month for full-time access (permanent desks and private offices are also available) so to get a friend on board with a free month – perhaps they need their arm twisting – you’ll be looking at booking a three-month membership at a cost of £177, £297 or £447 for 30, 60 or unlimited hours per month (all plus VAT).



Questions or to buy this Deal…

To buy this deal, get in touch. There are a lot of brilliant deals in our festive offer so if you have questions about any, or want to come in to discuss which might be the best deal for yourself or a friend, we'd love to chat. Call 01934 315 305, email The Stable or turn up in person, like in the old days, and we'll show you around. Happy choosing!

Terms and Conditions

To redeem the gift or to get the deal, the purchaser must contact The Stable, give their name as the purchaser, pay for the deal in advance where relevant, and provide the name of the recipient if different from their own. Read full Ts and Cs.




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