A ha, I recognise an intelligent person when I see one. You have seen an opportunity to double your free trial from one day to two days at The Stable, and you are thinking about seizing the chance while you can. Do it!

Thanks for following the link in our Tweet. If you don't know, The Stable Creative Hub is Weston-super-Mare's first and currently only coworking space. We have plenty of hot-desks here for you to come and be at. We also have various offices to rent out to small businesses, startups, scaleups and perhaps you. 

What to do now

Create a log-in to our site so that you have accepted our Terms and Conditions. Email us to let us know roughly when you'll be in for your tea and coffee, your tour and your first free trial day (or just a few hours if you're pushed for time). To claim your additional day, quote #TWIT2018 to Front of House and we'll add another Day Pass on for you to use within a fortnight. 

Have a scroll around our site if it's the first time you've come across us (blog for a bit of backstory, Find a Room to see what meeting rooms and small offices we've got available, and our members to see who's currently based here. 

See you soon, just do it, remember to bring your chargers. 


Kerry and Sam

a.k.a. Team Stable

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