Five ways to celebrate National Freelance Day in Weston 

To celebrate National Freelancers Day on June 28 in Weston, two online communities and two new events have been launched to help bring Weston’s freelance and creative communities together. With the Weston Super Startup competition prize still up for grabs - a year's free space at The Stable, deadline end June - that gives creative and ambitious freelancers and startups five ways to mark the occasion in Weston. 

#1: Join the Weston Creatives Meetup group

There’s a new group called Weston Creatives on social event site, ‘Meetup’. Meetup is a website with millions of users that helps people find each other to do more of what they love, locally. Creative gatherings and events can be promoted on this Meetup group, which can be found by people all over the region.

#2: Enjoy a free hot-deskers' lunch 

On Thursday 28 June, The Stable is offering free hot-desking in its light and contemporary coworking space. With free tea and coffee, superfast 100mbps fibre broadband, and a free light lunch to celebrate National Freelancers’ Day, interested people must book by calling 01934 315 305 or emailing The Stable so that lunch can be ordered accordingly.

#3: Join a ‘Freelance Friday’ afternoon

To give Weston’s freelancers a helping hand, The Stable Creative Hub is opening its doors for a free afternoon’s hot-desking every week. From 1pm to 5pm on ‘Freelance Fridays’, lap-top based people or teams are welcome to try hot-desking in the coworking loft, or to pop in for a free tour of the private offices for rent from £30pm2 pcm. Find this event on Meetup, Facebook and The Stable's website

#4: Join the Weston Freelancers Facebook group

The new ‘Weston Freelancers’ Facebook group will bring together the region’s freelancers and creatives, who can feel isolated without the social life that the 9-5 can bring. Group members can post useful updates and invites to real-world events and it’s hoped this group will provide a useful mouthpiece for and support to the local creative and cultural scene as it grows. It could also help get more local projects off the ground through the collaborations it inspires.

Designer Clair Haycraft found the Weston Freelancers group on Facebook. Haycraft posted, “Hello Weston Freelancers! Thank you for setting this up, great idea! I'm a freelance graphic designer/ illustrator. We moved from Bristol 18 months ago and I haven't had much of a chance to build a network yet.”

Paul Blakemore, an arts and performance photographer also joined the group. Blakemore said, “Hey Weston freelance world. I'm an arts and performance photographer based now in sunny Weston! I’m @blikmo on Twitter”.

Kerry O’Neill started the groups. O’Neill said, “I’m relatively new to Weston-super-Mare and I work in the town’s new creative hub and coworking space, The Stable. When I moved here, I wanted to meet others who shared my interests.   

“I searched Facebook, Meetup and Eventbrite for informal groups and events I could join. There’s some good stuff around but I couldn’t find anything that quite hit the mark. I started Weston Creatives and Weston Freelancers to fill the gap.”

O’Neill hopes that many more freelancers and creatives from across the spectrum will attend the gatherings and events on the Meetup group, and that the Weston Freelancers Facebook community will lead to more real-life meetings and collaborations.

#5: Enter the Weston Super Startup competition

There is still one week to go in the Weston Super Startup competition, in which one lucky entrepreneur will win a year's free desk space at The Stable creative hub. Startups should be innovative, scaleable and entrepreneurial in nature. If this sounds like you, read more about the competition here and enter by end June. 

O’Neill concluded, “I’ll find these groups useful, and it’s become clear that The Stable needs them too. Online communities are a powerful means through which to find and communicate with the region’s freelance, creative, lap-top based and less orthodox workers. These are exactly the kinds of people I’d love to meet in Weston, and the type of people The Stable hub seeks to attract.”

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