Upcoming Tech Socials

Come to The Stable on Thurs 26 April for our next Weston Tech Meet Up, an informal and shape-shifting gathering of local folk who love tech. Well, they work in tech so I presume they all love it, most of them certainly seem to!

Raising funding for your startup

At this Thursday's event, Will Britton from AutonoMe will be talking about how he raised scale-up funding for his tech firm. Come to meet him and to ask questions around startup funding for your business. How did he do it? All will be revealed. 

About this Meetup

The good thing about this evening is that you never know quite who’s going to turn up. We’ve had a female scrum master from Banwell, a man keen on setting up his own tech hub in West Africa, a gent looking for local tech investment opportunities, a woman who worked with Tim Berners-Lee back in the day and who now teaches kids to code at after school clubs and is involved in the women in tech movement, and so many more from AI and machine learning to wearables, deep tech and engineering.

Funding for tech startups

Join Meet Up (for free online) to express interest in these and other local social and networking events and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon. To help us manage attendance numbers, and to give you some calories so that no-one faints, there will be a small charge of around £3pp for these events, to cover pizza which will be delivered during the Meetup. Weston Tech events are free for members of The Stable Hub so feel free to join to get free pizza! 

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