Dear Weston...

Dear freelancing, remote working, pyjama-wearing, lone-working, bored-home-office-dwelling men and women of Weston, North Somerset and beyond. 

Many folk are perfectly happy working from home, but if the above strikes a chord with you, and you've started to ask yourself 'is this it? Will I ever go to a work summer/ Christmas party again?', maybe it’s time you quit the solitary solo-working life and ditched the sometimes depressing and distraction-filled days that are the reality of working from home. How? Well, if you feel your productivity and social life have gone a bit south of late, reclaim your sanity, joie-de-vivre and love for work as part of the newly forming coworking community that is The Stable Creative Hub, Wadham Street, Weston BS23 1JY.

Reasons to be cheerful

Why? Social events. Meet people. Window seats with a view of the trees in the park. Lovely big bright rooms to work in and to hold meetings in. Chippie Tuesdays (chips on the beach with your new mates at lunchtime). Sunny cycles – with optional ciders – after work in the summer. Cake and chat sessions on Wednesday afternoons. Evening networking socials (often with CHEESE), the last Thursday of every month, with more socials planned. Access to free training days and events, new professional contacts, measured opinions and invaluable advice and feedback from the staff, your fellow members and all the other useful bods who dip in and out of The Stable.  

Down with working from home!

You’re not doing a bad job out there, in fact I imagine you’re all doing really great jobs. You’re just a bit bored. Wouldn't it be great to be able to share the excitement of winning that new commission with someone who understands because they're in the same boat? Can your cat really truly provide useful feedback on the ole 'turquoise versus aquamarine' logo colour choice conundrum? Yes, you’re home to receive deliveries. Yes, you can put the washing on, hang it out, fold it and put it away. No, Philip Schofield miraculously hasn’t aged since his broom cupboard days (showing my age there). But things could be so much better. Funner. More memorabler. Each day no longer needs to roll into one. 

Get your mojo back

You could be getting loads more done here, at The Stable, in a work-conducive environment with faster WiFi than yours* (*probably). You could be enjoying ‘the working half of every single day’ a little bit more than the fast-waning novelty of being able to hold Skype meetings wearing only a shirt with your PJs just out of shot. We’ve all done it. You can meet and greet clients in bright, contemporary rooms, not noisy coffee shops or your front room. Talking of caffeine, our free-to-members bean-to-cup coffee delights are also scientifically proven to make you work faster, better, harder more. If my drinking a cup or two, speaking really quite astonishingly quickly and then writing this in two minutes flat counts as science, that is.

What’s the cost?

Ah you traditionalist, you. Who measures anything in monetary terms these days? It’s more about the social economy than the actual economy. More about the vibe. Let’s talk sliding scales based on Great British Pounds of Happiness. No? What, you want to talk dirty actual cash? Wow, you really need to learn some table manners, this is not a first date topic. But OK. If you insist, I’ll put my dog-eared Debrett’s aside, steel myself and do some monetary maths for you.

May I preface the next paragraph with this proviso: ‘I work in a creative hub. I am not Carol Vorderman.’ Feel free to do your own maths or to work out which membership package at The Stable is best for you or your small business (we also have small and medium sized offices to rent so get in touch if you need one of those - pop in for a tour any time).

Current deals from around £1 per hour

£1.15 per hour sound good? With our current Full-Time Membership, you get unlimited hot-desking here during opening hours of 08:30 to 17:30. If you come in normal hours, so, 7.5 hours per working day, five days per week, that’s just £1.15 per hour. It’s even less per hour if you work a longer day (we're open 9.5 hours per day at present with longer hours coming in 2019). You read right, for around £8 per day you can come in, annoy Front of House at your leisure, explore this three-storey coworking hub and even drink £10 worth of coffee if you tried really hard. If you went out of your way I’m sure we’d somehow owe you money come the end of each shift. But we’re hoping you’re not a pesky loop-hole finder of this ilk. This £1.15 per day is based on our current £149 + VAT rolling monthly membership offer and the hourly/ daily prices in the example above include the VAT for the sake of…my not wanting to mislead you.


Not ready for a full-time membership? How does £1.99 per hour sound, to situate yourself and your business up in our sunny Loft? £99 per month gets you 60 hours per month to use as you will – that’s around £15 per day. For ease, this equates to two days per week per month. You could always squeeze more value out of this by coming in for three hours per morning, five days per week, thus trebling your coffee intake. You’re more productive in the mornings anyway, why not do three Power Hours, go for a nice cake in Loves Cafe (baked by the wondrous Cake Babe), a stroll around Knightstone Island or a quick dip in the sea and call it a day? Check your emails once from your phone at 3pm, again at 5pm, sign off and they’ll be none the wiser. Who actually gets any real work done beyond 2pm anyway? Hope my own boss isn’t reading this…I’m kidding. The point is, focus and motivation go a long way and that’s what people experience when working at The Stable.

Join us from just £59+VAT per month

If you don’t think you’ll use us much but want to have a bit of an in-road to The Stable with its growing number of members and its social and networking events – and you like the idea of appearing on our website among our stable of members – our Flexible membership is for you. £59 per month + VAT gets you the equivalent of one day per week here (or a few shorter chunks of hours) at £2.40 per hour (inc. VAT). Don’t make me draw the coffee in the café comparison again, team, I think we all get that now.

People are saying…

What do we hear when people leave The Stable following their free trial or first days? Check out our Facebook and Google Reviews or for an overview:

  • It was so nice to get out of the house.
  • I got so much done.
  • Brilliant to get others’ opinions, I’ve become so self-critical.
  • Great having other people to talk to.
  • Working from home is driving me mad.
  • Really productive, can’t believe I got through so much! 

A plaque with your name on it

Come in to try us for free. Then try us for a month to see how it improves your productivity and motivation. Then just enjoy it and us so much that you forget to cancel your membership altogether. You’ll look back in the year twenty-twenty-something and realise, with total shock and not even a teensy little bit of regret, that you’ve been a member of The Stable Creative Hub community for ages and ages. You’ve got a room named after you. You OWN the chip shop challenge. You helped to edit the new Members Handbook to include that bit about early members getting first dibs on the best cheese and beers at the socials. Your clients were very impressed with your work digs and recommended your services to all their friends. And you didn’t care anymore about the couple of quid going out every month to help all of these work dreams come true. And all the coffee you couldn’t drink, you poured into your pockets like Mr Bean at a breakfast buffet to make sure you got total value for money. Admittedly you missed a parcel or two and had to go to the sorting office but YOU DON’T EVEN CARE (because each day was a lot more fun than working from home) and neither do any of the other local freelancers and startup folk you now call friends.   

Say yes, Weston! 

In Bristol and many other cities you can't move for coworking spaces. It is shoulder-to-shoulder 'shared space'. The Stable is Weston's first coworking hub. Yes you could join one in a local larger city but that doesn't help you meet local friends and contacts, especially if you're new to Weston, and you still won't have anyone to meet for lunch in your own town. So come on, wonderful hidden workers of Weston. Leave behind the negative sides of remote working life, enjoy its perks and get immersed in hub life instead. More than that, create your own hub life here. We are here but to make this creative new coworking space into what you, our members and our community, want it to be. It's kind of a self-slecting crowd too - people who like people and who want to be around people, work in places like this. Sound like you? See you at The Stable soon. Free hot-desking trials and very good 2018 deals are on right now. Grab’em while they’re hot.

Win a membership

PS there is a competition to win a membership here at the moment. Check out the Weston Super Startup page now and enter by end May 2018

Contact us

No pressure. Come for a nose, bring your laptop, see how you go. Email us or call 01934 315 305 to talk with Kerry or Sam now. 

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