Members increasing

Interest in memberships at The Stable is really picking up. If it were a crime rate, its speed would be called ‘alarming’ but as what we’re measuring is interest from awesome people in joining town’s new creative hub, it’s not alarming at all. It’s massively brilliant.

The Stable is now home to members including an app developer, a photographer, a graphic designer, the IT maestro behind one of Weston’s newest companies, and someone who does something very complicated in tech that I’m not sure I can fit into a nutshell. Or even a whole series of nutshells. Some are in the building more than others but between them they’re starting to warm the building up, preparing it for what I’m now more sure than ever will be an absolutely great first summer. I just love it when a plan comes together as Hannibal would say. 

Everyone who did all the stonking ‘invisible’ work behind the scenes to create the non-profit, Community Interest Company that brought this project to life can now finally relax safe in the knowledge that YOU DID IT! HOORAH! YOU MADE THE HUB HAPPEN! YOU ARE TOTAL LEGENDS!

Who’s been in?

Let’s look at today. This afternoon alone, we gave tours to a local author (whose Weston Lit Fest event will be held at The Stable later in February) and four separate other folk. They’d all heard about us through various sources and are all booked back in for their free hot-desking trial shortly, to use that up – and why not – before becoming fully-fledged members. We’ve met people from artistic, theatrical, tech, editing, digital agency and consultancy backgrounds, and have been impressed with the wide variety and the calibre of the people dropping in to check us out. Without fail, they’ve loved it and we hope you will too, the pictures are nice and all but really don’t do the place justice, you need to see it in person.

What has been most gratifying is that, even with just three or four people in at once, cool things are starting to happen between them. This is, of course, the whole point of coworking. People living in the same street who didn’t previously know each other are now going out for beers, and previously lonesome homeworkers now have other people in the same room who are in the same boat, and who are happy to go out for a lunchtime stroll around marine lake for instance. With chips. Imagine.  

Coworking in action!

Here are some examples of what’s happened here over the last fortnight, for those not used to or not convinced by the 'point' of coworking. For anyone who’s done it before, skip to the end as I’ll be preaching to the converted here.

Someone mentioned needing the contact details for a very specific type of medical professional for some research they wanted to carry out. Lo and behold, the New Scientist editor who happened to be hot-desking opposite knew just the chap. Numbers swapped, job done.

Next, a marketeer specialising in helping start-ups get off the ground came in to discuss membership (over coffee and cake). Just that day, someone had come in to ask if we had anyone in-house who could help them set up the digital marketing channels for their new business. We didn’t have anyone that fit the bill at the time so I gave them some other useful places to find assistance. Once this marketeer joins as a member later this month, however, such walk-in enquiries will land right in her lap should she be interested in the proposition. As the word’s getting out, people are physically coming to The Stable to see if we’ve got anyone in who can help and if you’re based here too, you might get that business.

Finally, last week, a pair of web developers (what’s the plural noun for web developers? I bet there is one) were up in the coworking Loft and mentioned a business person in Weston they’d been trying to start a conversation with for some time. I happened to know that this person was totally coincidentally in the building at that very moment, as they were finishing up a meeting in one of our rooms for hire. One not-particularly-subtle orchestrated bump-into at the coffee machine later et voila – mutually beneficial connection made, they’re meeting next week.

And these are all real examples, I am not making this stuff up (if I did I might throw, oh I don’t know, Megan Markle or Owen Jones into the mix to liven things up a bit). And all this is with just a handful of members here, not to mention the dozens coming in for meetings and the hundreds that come through the door for daytime and evening events.

The snowball effect

Over the coming weeks our meeting rooms have been booked out by a huge variety of businesses and people, and we’ve got loads of different events in the diary that we want you to put in yours, from free Google training to a pop-up Start-up Accelerator day and tech and social events.

Myself and front-of-house Sam at The Stable are very excited about what’s starting to happen at the hub. The snowball effect following the last few months of activities, networking, social events and word of mouth activity is becoming very clear. “If you build it they will come”? It’s not quite as simple as that but, in essence, we built it, did a trillion different things in between to pique people’s interest in The Stable, and now they are coming. No-one wants to be the first rattling around a newly revamped building, of course, but we’re over that hurdle now so it’s just a case of: more where they came from please! Must remember to buy more locally roasted coffee beans tomorrow…

Freelancers of Weston!

Freelancers and small businesses of Weston. We know you’re out there, working at home, in converted sheds, in cafes, in small unpleasant offices with no natural light or kindred spirits in sight. Come to the hub. Have a free trial. Have a drink on us. Grab a membership while our New Year offers are still on. Stop going mad in your pyjamas. Leave the car at home. Get out of the house. Treat yourself to a refreshing walk into town. See what’s developing at The Stable. Don’t look back.

You can carry on working for yourself, but in the company of others. You’ll be amazed at how much more motivated and productive you’ll very quickly become. When I moved to Weston last year, I wondered where the other people with a similar approach to work as me were, as I wasn’t knowingly coming across them at events or in pubs. The writers, the people with the crazy business ideas some of which work some of which don’t, the techies, the book worms, the geeks, the entrepreneurs, the people who run niche Meet Up groups on the sly, the people who prioritise their sanity and social needs above purely employment and money-earning needs. A happy work-life balance, as they say. It seems to me that loads of these people are now gravitating towards The Stable. 

Upcoming events and socials

Check out our Events page to see what's coming up that you can attend. Community > Events, above. For now, events are free but soon events will be free to members and charged to non-members, and some events might even be members only. The way to ensure you don't miss out on anything? You got it. Join The Stable! But first things first, come in to see if you like it first.

Here's where to start 

Phone? Pick up the phone from 9am to 5pm and call 01934 315 305, chat to Sam, get a feel for the place and arrange to pop in with your laptop to have a free hot-desk trial. 

In person? Come to The Stable's front door, 3-6 Wadham Street, BS23 1JY during opening hours, grab our attention through the window or call the number on the door to get let in. If you can, call ahead so we can plan our day knowing when you expect you but spontaneity is fine too. 

Email? Email Front-of-House Sam now to ask your questions or to ask if you can come in for a tour at the time you need. 

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