Refurb, done. Doors, open. Fibre broadband, connected. Glasses – time to raise some to The Stable!

If you’ve been following the progress of our new coworking hub online (perhaps on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or indeed on this blog), you’ll know that we are now officially open. We’re offering free hotdesking throughout October 2017 (yup, that’s NOW) and then will go to Day Passes and hour-based memberships from November. Pop in any time to try us out in October and we’ll continue to welcome you with open arms for a free hotdesking trial whenever you make it down to us.

To celebrate our opening with you lot though, our potential members, we'd love to welcome you to The Stable for some afterwork drinks on Thursday November 9, which may well descend into a party! The exact details will be pinned down as we get closer to the date but there’ll definitely be snacks and drinks. It’d be great to meet any of you who work in the digital, tech or online creative worlds, whether you work for yourself, a small company or a variety of other companies. If you're someone who rents rooms too for meetings, seminars, training etc, we'd love to meet you too. 

To reserve your ticket, use this Eventbrite link. If for any reason you can’t make it, do release your ticket as numbers will be limited on the night.

Pop on down to explore what we’ve got to offer or for your free day’s hotdesking as soon as you can. The coffee machine is on (and the teabags are waiting to be boiled to death) and we’re improving all the time so your early input is invaluable. It’s all for you!

See you soon,



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