Come in for a tour!

Weekdays 9.30am - 4pm from Tues 26 Sept (and onwards), we’re open for free tours of the building. Check Facebook for updates on this front before turning up in case there have been any changes but otherwise, do just turn up afor a tour (here's a recent Facebook album too, so you can a few pics from our pre-launch event last week). If you work in the digital, technology or online creative industries, come along to see if The Stable might become your new part-time, full-time or random ad-hoc workplace with an hour-based membership. If you work in other industries, then Day Passes will be the way forward. Pop in on a daily pay-as-you-go basis to take advantage of the business and coworking opportunities and to be part of this new community as it grows.

Free hot-desking from 3 Oct

From early October, we are offering a few weeks’ free hot desking for you all to come in and try us - and our coffee - out. Paid Day Passes and Memberships will come into play from later in October/ into November.

Opening membership offers

Great membership offers for new members who sign up before Christmas will be advertised on the site soon so keep an eye out for those. We’ll be open in our current guise well into 2018, after which a few more rooms in the building will be coming into the fold too so there’ll be even more to get excited about. More meetings rooms and spaces to hire, and more people to get to know and work alongside.

Fibre broadband

We know that fast and reliable fibre broadband is absolutely key to the efficiency of your work, and the sustainability of The Stable as a business. This is why we are getting a high-speed, 100mbps fibre connection directly to the building. As anyone who’s ever refurbed or updated an older building will know, things rarely run smoothly, and getting the fibre to the building is proving the trickiest of all the tasks on my To Do List! Thankfully it’s out of my hands and in BT’s. Talking of which, I’m off to check my emails now to see if the job was completed over the weekend as promised…

Cross your fingers for me and hope to see some of you in the coming weeks for free tours or for free hot-desking from early October.




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