It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do – and it's brilliant when the sun comes out so that the painters can actually get to doing the outside of the building, something they’ve been trying to do for weeks. The whole building is now really coming together - just need to get the window cleaners in now to finish off the look.

The Stable is in a conservation area so we haven’t done anything crazy on the colour front as that would require planning permission. Planning permission, as anyone who's tried to get it for anything in the past will well know, takes time and, to be honest, we're all chomping at the bit to get our doors open! So we’ve just added a fresh coat of red paint to make our building look far more inviting; the soffit boards have also been fixed and are ready for the signage that’ll arrive soon.

Inside, the colours have been chosen. The Stable will not be a blank canvas for much longer. Cool lighting is en route, accent walls will soon take shape and floor-wide colour scheming will be in place before long, to help you find your way around this warren of a building. We won’t be filling every space with colour and stuff though. Some elements will be left for our members to decide what to do with, and then of course there’s all of the Phase Two development for people to get involved with.

Anyways, one of our phone lines has just gone live (our back up line, not the main 100mbps fibre-to-the-building line) which is very exciting and is going to make my job much easier. Just need BT Openreach to connect the fibre to the building and we’ll be away...

You can’t quite visit inside yet as we’re still a bit of a building site. If you’re wandering past, perhaps on your way to The Heritage café or from town out to Grove Park, have a nose through the glass or tap on the window and say hello! I'm working at a solitary little desk in the former Citizens' Advice office while they paint the upper floors. 

Best get back to it, more to follow and remember to sign up below to get regular updates from The Stable as we near our anticipated opening date in September.


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