A very good question. The Stable will open as soon as the paint dries, the interior decor is completed, the broadband fibre is connected to the building and the coffee beans are ready to grind! OK the coffee beans are ready already, that was the easy part.

The plan is to open central Weston’s first coworking hub for the tech, digital and creative industries in late August this year. However, this may get pushed back into September for two key reasons. One, is that the jointing of the fibre for the wifi (something technical sounding that the engineers need to do) is hitting problems underground and additional work might need scheduling that could include road works. In-depth telecoms research went on for months while we waited to purchase the building and has been underway from the moment the sale went through – for comms and caffeine are key! – but BT scheduling is beyond our control so we just have to be patient. These things are sent to try us...

The second thing is that, like with most beautiful, characterful older buildings, they often keep their secrets until the last moment. So, just when you think you are good to go on the next stage of the decoration, a little tap here uncovers a little problem that then needs attention before decoration can commence. Again, two buildings' surveys and the best intentions in the world can't see through solid matter so, we just have to have patience while these issues are addressed. Meanwhile the interior design balls/ plates are rolling/ spinning respectively, so the hope is that we're open with a good chunk of rooms ready to go from early September. 

So, that’s why we don’t yet have a firm date for the official opening of The Stable creative hub. We’re not trying to be enigmatic or to keep you in the dark. It could be mid-August if all the fibre ducks line up, or it could be September. Hopefully it won’t go beyond that! We could always open with blackboards and chalks meanwhile. So, apologies all you eager freelancers and small businesses who are keen to get inside to find out what it’s all about, everything will be revealed soon. 

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Back with more soon,


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