Inside The Stable, Weston’s new coworking space for those in the creative, tech and digital industries, a dozen or so tradesmen (and I’m not being genderist here, they do all happen to be male!) are doing a delicate dance around each other’s activities to get the hub ready to open.

CCTV is being installed, locksmiths are hard at work, door swipe systems are going in (to allow members and Day Pass users access to the right parts of the building), electricians are doing clever things with in-floor wiring, builders are knocking things down and building things up, painters are scraping and painting and interior designers are preparing to scratch their heads while planning some stylish and surprising touches.

As manager, I’m currently going through the 30+ applications for the role of creative hub assistant and will be shortlisting for the role in the next few days. Can’t wait to find a great second in command to help hold The Stable’s reins! Gotta love a good equine metaphor... 

We’re hoping that the efforts of the talented tradesmen will come to an end just as the broadband fibre is connected to the building so that we can open in late August. That's the plan. But - unforeseen events on many fronts may mean that the launch is pushed back to September or so. Read our other blog post ‘When’s The Stable opening?’ for more detail on that.

It’s a bit like being in a Grand Designs episode at present. If Kevin McCloud were to visit today, he’d step aside and whisper to the camera, “they’ve got no hope of hitting their deadline, what were they thinking?” But then, as with all follow-up footage, Kevin will be back, eating his words, wearing a different cabled sweater and turned-up jeans, marvelling at how we managed to pull it off in time against all the odds. That’s what I like to think would happen anyway. I did call Kevin (and IKEA) to see if they wanted to get involved but didn’t get any joy…

So, our progress is ongoing and our launch date is fluid but around the corner. Bye for now and if there are any questions you want answering meanwhile, contact us via email or inbox our Facebook page and someone will get back to you quicksmart. Me, probably.

Check out our memberships meanwhile to get a feel for the type of package you might be interested in, or drop me a line with additional questions. There'll be a free hot-desking day for those who want to come to see what the place is all about, with regular tours of the building for interested parties. Get in touch or add your email to the pop-up bar (that appears when you land on this site) and we'll keep you informed. 

Thanks and until next time,


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