Kerry here, Manager of The Stable. Welcome to our new website and blog! Here’s an edited excerpt from an interview I did earlier this year about the launch of this new creative hub. It first appeared in Somerset Life magazine. Hopefully it will answer a few of your preliminary questions about The Stable...


I can’t wait for The Stable to open, central Weston’s new coworking hub for people working in the creative, tech and digital industries. I’ve worked in various industries from communications and marketing to adventure travel and think that every ounce of my broad experience will now be called upon as The Stable gets up and running!

Phase One of The Stable includes a ground floor reception area, first-floor meeting and board rooms and a top floor dedicated to hot-desking. The rest of the ground and first floors will then be overhauled to join The Stable as additional co-working spaces once the building’s current tenant’s lease expires in spring 2018. The Heritage café will remain throughout.

Creative and coworking hubs were something of an unknown a few years ago in the UK. Now, most UK cities have at least one hub. Bristol has at least a dozen and counting, from the Engine Shed to the Tobacco Factory and Bath is getting several new ones this year alone. The growth of the coworking economy is staggering – and it’s because the model works. With the opening of The Stable, Weston’s growing pool of creative and digital talent won’t need to commute elsewhere to take advantage of the benefits of coworking.

Work-from-homers ask me, ‘Why would I pay to work in a hub?’ and my answer gets longer every time! For freelancers, coworking is social. It reduces the boredom and procrastination that working from home entails and there are fewer distractions than working in busy cafés. Being surrounded by others who are keen to work together and share ideas can be a psychological boost for individuals; a productivity and efficiency boost for companies; and a job creation tool as people join forces, expand, recruit new staff and move out to rent their own premises.

Over 40 people attended an information evening in May at The Heritage café - the cafe that share this building at . 3-6 Wadham Street. In attendance were a huge variety of people and small businesses, from a science magazine editor and some design agencies and freelancers to a small digital technology business. This early interest is hugely encouraging and we’re looking forward to welcoming our first intake of members and hot deskers into The Stable when it opens.

What’s in a name? Well, after much debate we chose The Stable because the yard behind it used to be just that. We went through the archived imagery, found old floor plans and really wanted the building to reflect its local heritage.


Follow our blog to explore ways to get involved with The Stable’s fledgling community. What with new developments at the Tropicana, the reopening of the museum and the arrival of The Stable, Weston’s regeneration aims are going into creative and cultural overdrive this year. The Stable's membership packages are now available to view on this site, get in touch or add your email to the pop-up bar to be kept up to date on our launch events which will be scheduled as soon as get an opening date. 

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