Course: Grow your Online Presence

Laura Bailey is a member of The Stable, Weston's coworking hub for the local creative, tech and digital community. We're always very happy to share the events and activities of our members. Here's a four-week Social Media course that Laura is offering this June with her company, Serious About Social. Do feel free to get in touch with her directly on her website to book or with your questions. Please note, this course is not run by or in association with The Stable, it is being run by one of our members and the info below is from her website.


Learn to grow your online presence in just four weeks

  • Are all the changes taking place in Social Media giving you a headache?
  • Does Social Media take up too much of your time?
  • Do you wish there was a way to use Social Media to grow your lovely business?
  • Wouldn’t you love to know what to say, so that your ideal customer finds you online and wants to buy from you?

I get it! Social Media can be a total nightmare! When I began my business I didn't really have a strategy. I spent days working on my Social Media and not getting anything else done with the business. I used to wonder how on earth people who have a business which isn’t Social Media related found the time to post and promote their businesses at all!

What changed my life?

I took a giant leap of faith and I invested a huge amount of money in a business coach. I knew that to grow my business and be able to help other people with their Social Media I needed to 'get my own house in order first'. I have been exactly where you are now. I have dithered, should I or shouldn’t I invest my hard-earned money and pay for some coaching. Let me tell you what happened. The first time the course was available, I didn’t do it. I didn’t have the courage to press the 'buy it now' button and I told myself I could do it myself and did not need anyone's help. After 6 months, I could see that the course had finished. I was reading the testimonials of those who had attended and they were doing well. I was doing the same as I had been 6 months before and had not made any progress. I kicked myself for not having had the courage to listen to my 'inner voice'. Now what was I going to do?

Fortunately for me, the same 6 month course was released to allow another intake. Guess what I did? I still hovered. I still thought about it. But, I also took another step. I spoke to my husband. I showed him what I could be learning and how it could help my business vision become a reality. He fully supported me. I clicked the “buy it now” button. 6 months later, I am here to tell the tale and I am creating my first lovely course for you.

Join Laura as you tackle Social Media head on

  • Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone were to hold your hand and tell you exactly what you need to post on Social Media, where you need to post it and when?
  • Wouldn’t you love to have ongoing support from somebody who understands how frustrating Social Media can be?
  • If only there were a group of people going through the same frustrations as you are, who understood your plight and who wanted to support you.
  • Wouldn't you feel better if you were motivated and encouraged to keep going? If you could watch video tutorials and keep them, so that you can refer to them as and when you need to?

For the rest of the course information including the dates, costs, venue, inclusions and how to book, please visit Serious About Social and get in touch with Laura. 

Please note, this course is not run by or in association with The Stable, it is being run by one of our members and the info above is from her website.