Hub-by Birthday Party!

My doesn't time FLY. Come to our First Birthday Party on Thursday 28 June!

Celebrate with us!

The building that The Stable Creative Hub is in (the former Badger/ Heritage Centre at 3-6 Wadham Street) was purchased on 30 June 2017 so we're approaching the big first birthday. The party will start at 6pm on Thursday 28 June, will remain at The Stable awhile and may then go on to a local after party. To see what it looked like at the beginning, read our early blog posts and for what it looks like now, check out our imagery on Facebook


This will be a ticketed event as there's a limit to how many people we can have in the building at any one time. For all our hub members this party will be free, and for everyone else there will be a (very) small charge to cover food, drink and entertainment. 

Register now 

Please complete this quick RSVP, and we will email you the booking link once all further information about this event (food, drink, entertainment etc) is finalised. For now, just save the date!